About Us

From modest beginnings as a distributor of tourism specific literature in 1984, Sun Front Pvt. Ltd. has matured into one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial companies in the Trading and Servicing business environment of the Maldives. By slowly, but steadily, venturing into and carving a niche for itself, in some of the most competitive areas of the Maldivian business environment, Sun Front Pvt. Ltd. has established its credentials as a mature company with solid corporate performance and financial vigor.

Our Businesses

  1. Sunfront Furniture

    Sun Front entered the Furniture trade by opening Scope Furniture in 1999. Similar to its entry into other trading areas, at opening, Scope Furniture was the biggest furniture showroom in the Maldives and offered a wide range of furniture solutions. Since then, the trade has been diversified with the introduction of up-market brands and complete solutions to the householder and the corporate client alike.


  2. Sunfront Lightin

    Sun Front Lighting opened its doors in 1988 with new innovations on offer to the customer. The outlet offered a wide range of lighting solutions for people who wanted something better than the basic lighting solutions that was available in Male’ then. Anticipating customer needs, yet again, Sun Front Lighting offered lighting solutions with displays presenting an image of how the family home and the corporate office would look with lighting solutions from Sun Front. In order to offer a complete solution for finishing requirements Sun Front Lighting also incorporates a wide range of solutions in Electrical Lighting, Electrical Fan, Doors, Locks, Door Accessories, Electrical fans and related other items in this business line.

  3. Sun Front Bikes

    In keeping with corporate philosophy Sun Front entered the bicycle trade by opening “Spectrum”; a dedicated shop that offered wide range of Bicycles, Spares and Accessories. Also new and innovative folding model Bikes to the local market in 1986. Since then Sun Front has kept ahead of the curve by continuing to offer new models and innovative solutions to the trade.

  4. Sun Front Marine

    Sun Front Marine envelopes the ferry business started by Sun Front in 1984 by introducing several innovations to the basic ferry dhonis (vessels) used in the Maldives then. Better ferry vessels and engines with higher hp resulting in speedier trips, upgraded convenience to travellers and the captain, quickly ensured that the Sun Front service was preferred by Customers and Crew alike allowing for rapid expansion of the fleet. The famed “Mujarrib” series of dhonis introduced by Sun Front captured the imagination of the industry and paved the way to the upgrading of other vessels in the ferry system and the larger industry itself.

Our Mission and Vision

“To be the preferred choice for Quality & Style in all its trading and servicing areas, while its Vision is to lead Innovation in Customer Satisfaction in every step of the Value Chain”.


Brief History of Our Company


Hotel LazeVentured into Hospitality industry. Opened first ever hotel by Sunfront- “Hotel Laze” on 20 May 2015.


Opened the company’s head quater and the new modern furniture showroom “Sunfront Livin” in the newly built Building of Sun Front Pvt Ltd on 22 July 2011.


Started the construction business under the name “Sun Front Builders”. Company invested on major projects successfully.


Opened the largest furniture showroom in Maldives, under the name “Scope”. Continued to maintain the value of the company by providing Quality and stylish furnitures.


Sun Front LightshopOpened Sun Front light shop, known as “Sun Front Lightin”. Varieties of Lighting. Fans, Doors, Electrical products and other lighting accessories were available in the showroom.

(Sole distributor of well known brands such as KDK, Ge Ligting)


In 1989, Sun Tour Maldives changed it’s name to Sun Front Pvt Ltd as the company engaged more in the trading sector.


Opened up a new business exclusively selling ‘Avanti’ and ‘Dahon’ brand bicycles. The folding Dahon bikes were famous in the market for its quality and style, imposing a huge impact on the brand name of Sun Front Pvt Ltd.


Established a company known as “Sun Tours Maldives” in 1985. Sold Bonechi brand souvenir items and Diving/Snorkeling  items under wholesale and retail market.



Established a ferry business in the early 80’s. The Ferry Dhoni was named as “Mujahrib”. Due to the unique features and quality of the dhoni, the demand for the ferry services increased, leading to an introduction of more dhonis into the business.