KDK has been going through the history with Electric Fan. In 1913 KDK started to produce Electric Fan. It was the first alternate E-fan in Japan. KDK now is one of the world leaders in producing high quality and high performance ventilating products.

KDK group continues to strengthen the relationship with community and provide high quality products for your comfortable life.

Sun Front Pvt Ltd is the sole distributor of KDK products in Maldives.  The main products range includes Ventilating fan, Ceiling fan, and Wall fans. Air Curtain, Hand dryer, box fans are also provided.

Legrand has a complete offer, tailored to the commercial, industrial and residential markets, making it a reference worldwide in more than 180 countries.

From control and connection interfaces to cable management, power distribution and voice-data-image (VDI) systems distribution, Legrand provides a host of solutions designed to manage lighting, energy, networks and building access. The Legrand catalog features a wide choice of over 215,000 products in 81 product families.

GE Lighting is the professional division of General Electric specializing in lighting solutions all around the world.

GE was born from the invention of the world’s first affordable incandescent lamp. More than a century later, Lighting business still brings light to the world, helping advance new technologies such as fluorescents and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), that operate with more efficiency, less cost and less environmental impact than ever before.

The name Blum stands for innovation, dedicated employees and top quality products. Julius Blum founded his company on 1 March 1952 and produced his first product: a horseshoe stud.

The fittings solutions make opening and closing furniture a mesmerizing experience and bring enhanced user convenience to the entire home – in particular to kitchens.

Oulin has more than 17 years of profound research on product design, craftmanship and functionality. Oulin, a high end kitchen utensils brand, combined European style and global intelligence.

Oulin combined kitchen culture and latest design philosophy according to different lifestyle and aesthetics of different culture.

Sleepwell brand reminisces customer of a comfortable and quality sleep. Forever etched in the consumer mind whenever it comes to providing state of the art sleep solutions, Sleepwell has satisfied generations of delighted consumers over the last four decades.

Sleepwell continually strive towards attaining a perfect balance between latest technological advancements with the demands and luxuries of the modern consumer. Innovative range of products underlines the focus on not just sleep but on quality sleep.

China Taili Industrial Co., Ltd, founded in 1984 is engaged in producing electrical appliance and accessories such as: switch and socket out let for household use, exhaust fan, bath warmer, door bell, adapter, wire etc.

JBM was established in 1983. It has more than 300, 000 sqm plant. JBM Corporation is a professional mattress manufacturer. The product range includes spring mattress, foam mattress and pillows.

JBM is the mattress supplier of Wal-Mart, guarantee cost and production time.

Euro- offers a wide range of office furniture such as office chairs, tables, desks and specialises in all aspects of storage solutions and associated products.